In Belgium there are semi-wild sites with very characteristic landscapes marked by great natural and historical wealth.

The chain of slag heaps, the limestone regions, the valleys and ridges of the Ardennes, the dunes and plateaus of the Campine …

Discovery of the most remarkable landscapes of Belgium
Ardennes & Belgium
3 hours (“1/2 day”), 6 hours (“full day”), 2 days and +
Tailor-made duration
Periods of the day (4)
Dawn, morning, afternoon, evening
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Belgium’s roof: discovery of the high fens in the East of Belgium.

Kurtfalia: a trip to an extraordinary limestone paradise (caves, cliffs, lawns, etc.) in the heart of the Lesse valley.
The Kurt Karstic Canyon: discovery and climbing in the most beautiful canyon in Belgium.
Geopark: limestone paradise of the Calestienne valleys (caves, cliffs, limestone lawns, resurgences, chantoir, etc.).
Chaîne des Terrils: discovery of the small Alps in Sol mineur, a landscape that has emerged from the ground through centuries of coal mining.
Wild valleys of the Ardennes: the most beautiful and wildest landscapes of the Ardennes, places of activity and rallying of all the fauna.
Sint-Pietersberg: discovering Sint-Pietersberg, an extraordinary post-industrial landscape transformed into a grandiose natural reserve …