The Swiss Alps

The origins of Guides Bureau lie in the Swiss Alps, in Wallis, with the organization of outdoor activities in low and high mountains.


In 1994, the Rangers project was founded, a project of practical actions for the restoration of nature in Belgium. The idea is that ordinary citizens get regularly involved in the protection of their natural environment, just like Rangers watching over their natural park in Canada.
The Rangers Project later engaged in ecological lobbying with media campaigns on waste, natural habitats and wildlife management, which received widespread attention at the time.

Beaver reintroduction

Between 1998 and 2003, Rangers reintroduced 141 beavers (Castor fiber) in Wallonia and Flanders.
The river architect is recognized for his keystone role. He turns out to be a remarkable real estate developer for natural reserves.

Chaine des Terrils

In 2000, Rangers launched the Chaîne des Terrils project, the “small Alps in Sol minor” as landscapes and natural habitats of exceptional character. The black country, a priori repulsive in general opinion, suddenly reveals its adornment of a new wild relief with an alpine slope and an authentic beauty. A cultural landscape, built by nature and people.

Guides Bureau

Excursions to make citizens aware of the great interest in slag heaps and beavers, gave rise to the idea of organizing excursions all year round, for everyone. And finally about all possible nature themes.
This organization of guides chooses the name Guides Bureau, a nod to the legendary Bureau des Guides in the history of mountaineering.

Guides Bureau is an organization that brings together various associations in the Benelux and Switzerland.