Guides Bureau organizes sensational activities in Benelux, Switserland & World according to 4 axes : TOURISM, FARM, RANGERS, WE VOTERS.


Teambuilding - Guides Bureau - Nature Entreprise


Shared pleasures, collective experiences and cooperation

Classes Vertes - Guides Bureau - Nature Ardenne

School camps

Discovery of the worlds of nature and culture

Excursions - Guides Bureau - Nature Ardenne


Unique, suspended moment, unforgettable memories

Ateliers Workshop - Guides Bureau - Nature Ardenne


Workshops about team cooking, stone carving, beaver, wildcraft, orientation, ...

Wild Games - Guides Bureau - Nature Ardenne Jeux Défis Parcours
Farm Ferme pédagogique - Guides Bureau - Nature Ardenne Animaux Vache Dexter, Chèvre, Mouton, Lapin, Poule

Excursions and teambuilding into the farm

Extensive pastoralism in synergy with wild nature :
– rustic cows and sheep
– live stock guardian dogs
– cohabitation measures with the wolf and the beaver

Swiss agriculture policy

Ranger excursions and team building

Nature protection actions
Wildlife monitoring and management
– beavers (Benelux, Suisse)
– wolf (Benelux, Suisse, …)
Forest: sustainable management

Rangers - Guides Bureau - Nature Ardenne

La démocratie castor, celle que le citoyen construit lui-même

We-Voters - Guides Bureau - Démocratie directe Suisse Politique

To vote for the objects and not just to give up one’s right to vote to variously appreciated third parties (election). The system of Swiss direct democracy, proven for centuries, has been applied since 1848 in 1 federal state, 26 cantons and more than 2000 municipalities, with significant variations, but always guaranteeing “the faithful and sure expression of the will of the population.”