Mission Castor (RTBF)

Mission Castor (RTBF)

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In the 19th century, the beaver was exterminated in Wallonia. His fur and his castoreum, a secretion used in perfumery, cost him his life. In the 90s, while our French and German neighbors reintroduced it a long time ago, Belgium was dragging its feet. Two men convinced of the merits of this reintroduction then decided to reintroduce the beaver themselves, clandestinely.

Mission Castor tells this saga full of common sense: the beaver is a formidable builder of wetlands. But cohabitation between man and beaver remains complex, even sometimes violent.


Broadcast RTBF (French-speaking Belgian National Television) – Tuesdays of the Planet – 12/2022

Prize: 1 étoile (star) from SCAM 2023 (France-Switzerland-Québec-Belgium copyright society)
Selection at the Vrai de Vrai Festival – Paris 12/2023
Selection Cinéma Nature & Environnement de Grenoble Festival – Compétition Nature – France 12/2023