The specialty of Guides Bureau is the organization of teambuilding activities through which people realize themselves and discover new worlds.
The strengthening of bonds within the team is all the more spontaneous, more solid, more profound.

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Tailor-made team building
Ardennes, Belgium & Europe …
The following Teambuilding themes are especially recommended. Each theme can branch out with elements from other themes.
Wild Games
Course with wildlife challenges, wildcraft / survival and orientation, local culture…
– excursion to discover spectacular sites of beavers in the Ardennes which ridicule the pharaohs.
– excursion on the trail of wild animals (deer, roe deer, wild boar, squirrel, badger, …). Learn to read the scenes of life like a forest police inspector.
Survival experience, fire, shelter, water, wild cooking
Wild site
Discovery of a remarkable natural site in Belgium
Become a ranger for the protection of nature.
Mission beaver, wolf, forest, bird, depollution, …
Experience real nature protection, on this side of the screen.
Games and challenges into the farm.
Become a farmer of a real farm in harmony with nature and the fan of your farm animals: the wolf.

Team cooking
– bakery pastry
– chocolates
– pies
– chocolate
– cakes
– ice

Stone carving workshop (marl)
Creation with the loosest stone in the world.
Fun type team building
Pop Games
Do you just want to have fun with your colleagues?
Why not!! …
Popular games 2.0 on different themes and tailor-made – with our partners