Wildcraft encompasses techniques (craft) for living in and with nature (wild).
The art of living or surviving in nature has certainly become a planetary fashion, but this apparent fantasy of our modern society sends us back to the deepest roots of our humanity, to our way of life as nomadic hunters-gatherers of Prehistory, either for 7 million years or almost all our life on Earth.
The Neolithic period (beginning of animal husbandry and cultivation) only started in Europe 5000 years ago and the industrial revolution barely 200 years ago… negligible compared to the 7 million…
7 million – 5000 years = 7 million!! …

Accommodation, heating, drinking, eating, health care, in and with nature.
Benelux, Switserland, World
3 hours (“1/2 day”), 6 hours (“full day”), 2 days and +
Tailor-made duration
Periods of the day (4)
Dawn, morning, afternoon, evening


Wild camp: setting up camp: building a shelter and making a fire, using prehistoric and modern survival techniques.
Wild food: in search of edible nature, cooking and tasting.

Wild care: preparation of pharmaceutical products from plants

Orientation, or wild way: all the techniques to orient yourself in nature (map, compass, hydrographic basin, rivers, etc.).
The “orientation” activities can be, among other things, declined in several playful forms: dropping, treasure hunt, …